Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yellow & Pink Water Marble

I'm back from my hiatus, and I was really surprised to see my blog had attracted some new followers while I was away. Thank you for the "old ones" for sticking with me, and a warm welcome to you new ones!!! You mean a lot to me! I don't know which amazes me the most: that there are people who don't even know me, thus don't need to be afraid of hurting my feelings and still want to read my blog, or that there are people who know me and want to share my nail enthusiasm even if they don't do nails themselves.
Today I want to show you a water marble I did a while ago with  Flormar U23 and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, Orange Marmalade and Señorita Bonita.
This is only the second water marble I've ever done, and I owe so much to all the tutorials and "tips and tricks" pages you other nail bloggers have made. Without you I would have thrown these precious little bottles straight out of the window so many times.
The pattern I used here is the classic slightly diagonal lines. I also did accent nails on the thumbs, by taping them diagonally before dipping. This came out as one of my favourite nails.
 The Flormar polishes I own - from the Miracle Colors series -  can be quite sheer, but they work well in water marbling. Keep that in mind if you don't know what to do with yours or would like to save some of your more expensive polishes for other purposes. While making this marble, for example, I noticed that CG 108 Degrees & Flormar U23 and CG Senorita Bonita & Flormar U15 are very near each other, if not exact dupes.
I knew I wanted a yellow on this mani, and I took out all my yellow swatchsicles to choose the right colour.
Try to explain a non-polish-addict that "seriously, these are totally diferent colours..." I truly identified myself with this awesome video about the life of a polishmaniac.. And well, Orly Spark and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky ARE quite near each other... But otherwise they really are different.
I wore this mani for a few days, and got an excuse to wear it a day more by adding OPI Rainbow Connection on the ring fingers. What a happy couple!


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    1. Thanks! I was pretty surprised myself how well these turned out.

  2. Fabulous water marble! The colors work so well together!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Your poolside collection water marble was awesome, too!!!