Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dotty Dot Dot... Pastel Flowers

The Spring is here!! That simply calls for a flowery, pastel-y manicure!
 I shopped some Essence colours on clearance a while ago. I had read a tip about If I were a boy - and I'm glad I took it! The best pastel blue creme I've seen!
When I came home I noticed that I happened to have bought a green, a blue and a purple in matching tones! Combining them was a must.
This manicure is made with:
If I Were a Boy (blue)
Oktoberfest LE Mauserl (green)
Oh My Glitter (purple)
I took inspiration for these flowers from Misscelinas pic I saw in Pinterest. I tried to find a link for you to the corresponding blog post, but didn't find it. Go check her awesome blog out anyways - just click her name above!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Starring: Androgynie

This starry manicure features Orly Androgynie. Oh, it's a beauty in the bottle, but a bit difficult to apply.
It took three coats to opacity, plus the hexes were playing hard to get. Propably they were glued to the sides of the bottle.
The starry stamping comes from Pueen 24 with Gosh Silver.
See all of those pretty hex glitters in the bottle? Why didn't I get any.. :(  If anyone has any tips on how to get the glitters flowing --- please help!
Oh, the star stud is from a wheel I bought from Primark. They have had some nice nail things lately. The polishes are on the smelly side, but these decorations are nice.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sea Breeze, Winter Mint and Classic reds

Here's a neglected post of a neglected polish: I had this polish in my untrieds for at least a year, and this manicure photographed for at least another year. But here it comes now!!
 The base polish to all nails is Attitude Sea Breeze, which is a perfect pastel creme! It applied like butter, no bald spots..
 On middle and ring fingers I added two coats of Revlon parfumerie Winter Mint
I loved the scent – it was so hard to resist licking the nails!!
Did you know you can freshen up the scent of the polish by painting on a layer of top coat? I didn't!

The result was pretty, but still a bit bumpy after two thick coats of Seche Vite.
I added french tips with Revlon's Revlon Red and China Glaze Ruby Pumps.
And as an accent, a teardrop with Revlon Red using the wax paper technique.
(Basically you just paint a few coats of polish on a wax paper/cooking sheet, let it dry, and cut it as you wish)
Why a teardrop? No idea... Maybe I could promote donating blood with these :D

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Circus Water Marble - Nail of The Day!!

Here's something you haven't seen for a while: a nail-of-the-day post :) I am actually wearing this mani right now! Woot!
I decided to call this the Circus: there's some candy floss, some magic dust, some clash and some drama...
The polishes I used were:
OPI Mod About You, Life Gave Me Lemons and The Power of Pink.
The purple is Catrice Pink Punk - which is a bit funny as it's the not-pink polish in this lot.
Alongside the water marble there are nails with Mod About You as the base, topped off with the Power of Pink glitters (they are both fom the breast cancer awareness set OPI released last year), and with some dots of the Life Gave me Lemons.
The hugest thank you to you, my dear reader, for being there and reading this!!! You are awesome!  There have been some hectic times in my life - but I am a lucky girl to be able to come back to you and the world of nails. There is so much joy to be found in this little hobby of ours – let's go and find it together!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

GOT Polish: Purple

I did my golden oldies purple manicure to honor the greatest purple polish on the surface of earth: Zoya Aurora! 
It's special for me, because bought this on a trip to Chicago - where I landed a day late being at first stranded to the Netherlands, and had a room booked in a 12-bed dorm at a hostel.... Oh, those sleepless nights... But it paid off when I could haul both Storm and Aurora released in the same collection!
You may disagree, but I just love the holo glitter on this, the application, the opacity.... all of it!
The base in this manicure is two coats of Astor Pop Color 141.
Over it I used China Glaze Crackle Luminous Lavender - plus some tape and Zoya Aurora - the awesomest purple polish there is..