Saturday, March 15, 2014

GOT Polish: Purple

I did my golden oldies purple manicure to honor the greatest purple polish on the surface of earth: Zoya Aurora! 
It's special for me, because bought this on a trip to Chicago - where I landed a day late being at first stranded to the Netherlands, and had a room booked in a 12-bed dorm at a hostel.... Oh, those sleepless nights... But it paid off when I could haul both Storm and Aurora released in the same collection!
You may disagree, but I just love the holo glitter on this, the application, the opacity.... all of it!
The base in this manicure is two coats of Astor Pop Color 141.
Over it I used China Glaze Crackle Luminous Lavender - plus some tape and Zoya Aurora - the awesomest purple polish there is..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TPC: Flashy Green & Blue

As you might have noticed, I was away last week, but as a compensation I've got an awesome feature coming up this week... just wait and see...
 Meanwhile, here are my first Green, blue and purple Tri polish challenge nails:
 The green polish I'm also holding in these pics is Kiko 441 from the Digital LE.
After the first coat I was disappointed, but after three coats I was happy I purchased this holo glitter beauty. It's so flashyyyy..... And it has actually got bar glitter! How awesome is that?!
To meet the challenge, I sponged the tips with China Glaze Water you Waiting For, plus added some
stamping with Konad black from BM305 (flashes) and Pueen 09 (peacock feathers)
I hope I had caught the holo sparkle in the Kiko polish better... But I loved these so that I wore them all last week in Jerez de la Frontera – and I was thinking of you, my dearest readers :)

Friday, February 28, 2014

GOT Polish: As Orange as it Gets

This weeks Golden Oldies challenge was orange - and this manicure is about as orange as a manicure can get..
 This mani started with two coats of OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear and stamping with Konad white and BM308.
I then proceeded to do my first stamping sandwich by adding:
some more Y'all
some more stamping
a final coat of Y'all
... and a coat of Seche Vite.
I love how squishy it looks! I would like to drink anything that tastes like this looks!
 Let's see the orange artwork of the other participants!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TPC: Tweedy

So here comes my last Tri Polish challenge manicure with February colours brown, pink and gray. In this respect the mani is a bit funny - you'll see...
The inspiration for this came from the amazing blog The manicurator.
Please look up her version! My own looks like it's done by a two-year old, in comparison...
Base three coats China Glaze Digital Dawn (I got this in a goodie bag in a meeting).
I added those tweedy lines with Color Club Beyond and Wild & Mild Diamond Roosevelt Avenue mixed with Gosh Silver.
The accent fingers feature stamping with:
Gosh Silver + DRK-A (mini houdstooth) Beyond + BM316 (lines in the left ring finger)
beyond + BM322 (large houndstooth in the right ring finger)
The funny thing with this manicure is, that I'm not really sure which colour is which - regarding the challenge. Which is the grey? Which is the extra black or the silver? Is the base really brown or pink?
Keep guessing, while browsing the wonderful work of other participants!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

GOT Polish: Textured Chevron

This Golden Oldies Thursday aka GOT Polish manicure features something old, something new, nothing borrowed but a lot of blue. And it's published on Saturday...oops...

 Today's oldies are from Orly Magnetic FX collection from 2012.
Actually I didn't ever realize these were magnetic polishes - I bought them from clearance in NYC as I had to rush to cathc a train to Baltimore, and they didn't have any tags or magnets on. Sadly, they had stayed in the untrieds since.
The base colours in this manicure were Orly Force Field (the purple one) and Opposites Attract (the blue one).
As a brand, I feel that Orly is underrated. They've released some trustworthy baseline polishes and some really extraordinary collections like the Mineral effects (Stone Cold and its mates) or the Birds of a Feather (featuring Fowl Play). Someone just said in facebook their bottles are ugly, but at least the handle enables a very good grip.
Chevron print was done with Kiko 454 (the purple one) and 457 (the blue one). These are their textured Sugar Mat polishes, which I bought this year in a set on sale. If you like texture, you will love these!
I begun to do the chevron with ordinary craft tape, but that didn't really work out after the first stripe.
I mean where was I supposed to put more tape? Maybe I should invest in some real striping tape...