Saturday, April 27, 2013

March Empties

It's THE time of the month again. Yes, you read me right - the time for an empties post!
f you think you have missed the February empties post, don't worry. You couldn't have, because there wasn't any. I was simply too busy and too much on the go to concentrate on finishing any beauty products. In March I finished four products -  and loved a few of them to pieces.
 One of the loved ones is the Deliplus foot deodorant. Let's not say anything about my feet aka the test environment, but this innocent can apparently has the power to stop the Niagara Falls. So be careful with this you guys!
The other loved one was the Rituals foaming shower gel. The lather felt really luxurous from the first use to the last. Although the packaging felt strange at first (a pressurized can like any hair styling mousse), the resulting foamy feel on the product was something I'm already missing.
To keep up all you nail lovers' interest, here's a teaser pic of a pink and black manicure I wore recently
About the other products, the hairspray was ok, and the toner left an odd feeling film on my face I almost always had to wash off.

I have to say I'm still quite enthusiastic about my "No buy - Less clutter" project, and really looking forward to next month and making a big roundup post. So, it's all polish again until then!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Gilding the Lily

And here, ladies and gentleman, we have the last Tri Polish Challenge post with April's colours: pink, orange and turquoise:
The pinky and pointer got three coats of ChG Turned up Turquoise spiced up with some saran wrap and Barry M Gold Foil.
Ring finger was done kind of vice versa with two coats of Gold first, and then a saran wrap technique with Sinful Colors Cream Pink. Isn't it odd how difficult it is to tell afterwards, which colour was put on first and which was saran wrapped? At least for me, that is...
The middle finger was the officially decorated one in this manicure, with two coats of Cream Pink and stripes in Gold foil and ChG Papaya Punch made using striping tape.
I kept the thumb simple with two coats of Cream Pink. (What do you mean 'was I busy'?!? I have been packing all our things up for a removal, but I've arranged myself plenty of time to do my nails and kept everything strictly under control... cough cough... as if...)
I noticed some other bloggers too have decided to combine gold with the challenge polishes today. Let's see them and many other talented participants!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tri Polish Challenge: Foaming Sea and Flip Flops

Bright summery trend continues here with the Tri Polish Challenge. The weather has been really inspiring here for that kind of manicures - plus what else could I do with three bright neon polishes :)
 The base in this manicure is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, except on the ring finger where I used Sinful Colors Cream Pink. Over the turquoise I did a drag marble using white (Wild and Crazy Montana) and turquoise.
 To compliment the beachy look I added some stamped flip flops with BM 309 and Konad white. To get to use all of the challenge polsihes (although it isn't required in the challenge), I coloured some of the flip flops with ChG Papaya punch.
This is one of the "new" Bundle Monster plates I hadn't used before. Why oh why?? Now that I peeled the plastic off and can really see the patterns, I want to stamp each and every one of them! I need to get my act together and use all the plates in this series soon anyway, because I've made a promise I'll only order a new set of plates when I've used all I already own at least once. Do you ever make these kinds of "promises to self"? Do they work for you?
Now let's have a look at the other participants of this challenge:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

O - Orna-ment For Each Other

The ABC Challenge advances slowly but steadily... For my own surprise I've not forgotten it when joining other challenges like the Tri Polish challenge I'm loving right now..
My O polish screams Christmas: Nicole by OPI Orna-ment For Each Other
To ease the removal, I used it over two coats of OPI Off With Her Red. In a complete lack of inspiration attack I created a simple accent nail with a cheapo Yes Love D1 glitter polish.
I actually liked the mani most when I had only OWHR on my nails. I recently cut my nails quite a bit shorter and my personal opinion is that bold, darkish colours look their best on shorter nails. I'll definitely be wearing more vampy reds, deep blues, gorgeous dark greens while my nubbins last...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge: Monarch and Other Butterflies

It's the second day out of four in this months Tri-polish challenge, and I'm still on schedule! Yay for me! Keeping up with schedules is not my strongest point - at least if it's only me who benefits/suffers. I very extremely seriously sincerely hope, I'll get better on it... Any procrastinators out there, who know how bad it can make you feel?
What?!? You did come to my blog to see pretty nails, not to read a random rant???!! Alright, here's some prettiness for you.
The base here is, again, China Glaze Papaya Punch. On it I stamped some butterflies from m40 with Konad black special polish and coloured them using a toothpick and the other two challenge polishes: ChG Turned up Turquoise and Sinful Colors Cream Pink.
 On the accent finger I went for a monarch butterfly design: sponged gradient on the orange with Cream pink, painted black sectors using a Mavala Black polish and nail art brush, and added white dots covered with turquoise.
 The thumb got a simple design: a line of dots in alternating colours. (In a hurry? me?!?)
Let's see what others have created today:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge: Sunset Beach

I know I'm still in the middle of the ABC challenge, but I ran into another, simply brilliant one in FB and I just had to join it.
The challenge is run by Debbie at The Crumpet, and it's called the Tri-Polish Challenge.
The idea is to pick three polishes of the colours given in each month's challenge, and post four manicures using those polishes on the last two tuesdays and thursdays of each month. In addition to the chosen polishes, we're allowed free use of white, black, gold and silver (which really is a blessing!!)
 The colours of April are orange, turquoise and pink. I let out a little yay, because I've really been needing some brights in my life. So my polish picks are China Glaze Papaya Punch, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and Sinful Colors Cream Pink. Guess how many naughty words I had to use when I noticed all of these polishes were extremy hard to photograph on the nail...
And when I say hard to photograph, this is what I mean:
Kaboom!!! For the rest of the pics I had to grab my battery charger to get some white in the pic. It helped my poor camera a little..
Anyways, for this first day I made a base with Papaya Punch, and then proceeded to wet sponge gradient with all the three colours.
 The palm trees are stamped with Konad Black special polish and BM-315. I freehanded the lovers using black polish and a toothpick, and then stamped the hearts from m59. Lastly, I filled out some of the hearts with a toothpick and CP. A coat of Seche Vite set it all perfectly.
Now, let's see what all the other talented participants have been up to: