Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Wear Anything I Want On My Nails

The title of this post is, obviously, a bad pun from the Lacquistry polish name "I Wear my Jewelry on my Nails". But seriously, I do wear anything I want on my nails. At work, at funerals, visiting relatives, washing the dishes, lifting weights, working at our house construction site...
And I like it!!!
Of course, other peoples' opinions and feelings matter, but I'm the one who decides what is appropriate. I feel so lucky right now, when I know there are so many talented, fun and beauty-loving ladies out there in the world, who aren't allowed decide for themselves, for their dress or love or nails. I can't even say, if I'm more pissed off or sad...
Ok, end of rant, onto the polish.
The polish on my three fingers here is Color Club Pardon My French topped with a coat of Lacquistry I Wear my Jewelry on my Nails.
Then I created a fugly glitter sandwich on ring fingers with Essence Fruity Peach Beauty
and Essence Nail Art Twins Blair (By the way, who is the twin of this one? I've never seen it in the stores..? The only Blair that comes to my mind right now is Tony Blair, the British ex prime minister...)

It's an odd polish, this one. When you look at it in the bottle, you're sure there is some black/charcoal glitter mixed in. Or at least the base is kinda smoky.. But no, it's "just" different sizes of silver glitter and a bunch of tiny holo glitters in a clear base. Odd! But beautiful!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Make a Millionaire Panic

 Have I mentioned I neeeeeded some colour on my life? Some other than the white paint I've been seeing the last few weeks... Neons, glitter, anything goes, as long as it's not white exterior paint!
 For this mani I picked up the brightest neon I could reach: China Glaze Purple Panic, and dabbed the gorgeous China Glaze Marry a Millionaire on the tips. On my ring finger I couldn't resist the shiny glitter bars and painted two coats all over.
Photographing this was a nightmare. No, we DON'T have neon purple flowers growing in our front yard. I just had to play around with the white balance of my camera to get a photo with even near decent colours.
On the next day I pushed my luck and added Kiko orange crackle - Rock-top 601 - on the ring fingers. That wasn't too great an idea...
I loved the effect of the crackle and glitter together. I'll have to try that combo again - maybe with some colours that go well together for a change.. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Green Glitter and Purple Pattern

 I've received some nail mail: the DRK-A plate!! And the new Bundle Monster set is waiting for me in my mailbox. The negative side is that I'm currently a few hundred kilometres away from that particular mailbox... Why do I so often feel I'm in the wrong town? I honestly can't recommend dividing your life between three on more towns. :(
Anyhow, in the DRK plate there are so many designs to choose from, that I almost didn't get to using it at all. It was so hard to decide!!! I won't rest until I've used all of the patterns. I love them so much!
I wanted to use some polishes from my recent small haul from Estonia. (pic above)  I was especially keen to get my hands on those Manhattan polishes which scream to be used together. But today I ended up with something else..
The base colours here are Wild and Mild (ex. Wild and crazy) Sleeping Beauty (sheer as anything!!) and SpaRitual Moss. Stamping was made using Konad light purple special polish.
I had to get some glitter in, too, so I painted glitter tips Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe and added some random dots with it to the stamping. Just take a look at the holo in the BtM!!! Holy Holo!!!
 That was it and here are the polishes:
Konad Light Purple special Polish
SpaRitual Moss
Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe
Wind & Mild Sleeping Beauty

(Now I've been a good little blogger and given you all the specs. I've deserved some wine & chocolate & a good documentary film with the hubby.)