Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 1: Think Pink!

It's the first day of the girly-girl challenge, and we're all going to think pink!
 I took the challenge literally and picked up my favourite pink polish: Sinful Colors Cream Pink. It's an awesome neon-but-not-hurting-your-eyes -pink with a hidden golden shimmer. Application is ok, if you wouldn't try it outside in direct sunlight as I did.
This is two coats. Why-oh-why did I have to pick the polish that is almost impossible to photo color accurately? But you can at least get a glimpse of the golden shimmer in this pic..
I then sponged it with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure I Pink I Can, Revlon Bubble Gum and Sally Hansen HD LCD (Why am I always trying to type LSD here.?.?.)
To freshen up, I added some three-dot hearts (some of them looking like hearts, some of them like mickey mouse heads...) using Konad White and a dotting tool. I stamped on a fishnet pattern from BM209 with the said Konad white to create a lace effect.
 Lastly, I brushed on a coat of Essence Colour&Go Space Queen for the glitter and levelled it all with Seche Vite. And here are the polishes (minus Space Queen... oops..)
Somehow I liked this mani more before stamping the fishnet pattern. Oh well, I'll get my hands on some serious glitter for the day 2... As do the other girls! Let's see what they've created:

Amanda of Nox Nails 
Ashley of Smashley Sparkles
Sarah of See Sarah Swatch 
Emily of The Lacquerologist 
Jess of LuvMyLacquer
Tressa of O' Natur Nail 
ChiChi of I'm just me...ChiChi 
Amanda of Berry Polished 
Robin, Erin, and Anna of Polished Cousins


  1. omg that is so cute! love the fishnet look.

  2. Thanks! I've done it earlier with black and some dotting tool flowers, it it came out great, too.

  3. Loving this! Totally fits the girly requirements. I like it before the fishnets but I do really like it with the netting added too.

    I'm already planning the blingy one too. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Pink+hearts=girly, n'est-ce pas? :) I loved your leopard skittles, too!

  4. I think it looks great with and without the fishnet pattern. Love the color!

  5. @Natur Nail & Kayono: Thanks! I think we'll have a load of each other's designs on the to-do list after this challenge.. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! Maybe I'll do a baby pink - pearl white version some day..

  7. Just added this Sinful to my wish list. Love the color.

    1. Me too! You'll be surprised of the colour IRL, it's almost impossible to photograph..