Friday, March 23, 2012

GG Challenge Day 6: Who Inspires You?

 Today's Girly Girl challenge was to be inspired by a female role model. I don't know who I would have picked if I didn't have this mani planned in my head. Perhaps not Morticia Addams, the heart and soul of the Addams Family (portrayed here by Anjelica Huston).
Or maybe just her. Apart from her hair, nails, outfits and style, there is one thing why she really deserves to be called a role model. She is the one who lives her own way, with her loving family, and couldn't care less what other, "normal", people think. If there was more of that in the world instead of all the sheepishness, all the well-I-would-but-let-someone-else-start, world would definitely be a better place.
Ok, rant over. Onto the nails. The base of this mani was two coats of China Glaze Short & Sassy.
 The primary inspiration for this mani was the desire for some Lacquistry polishes standing on my desk. I got to use two of them by giving the ring finger a coat of Lacquistry Devil's Dandruff and the
other fingers two coats of Lacquistry Plucked Spider.
 These required two coats of topcoat, but laid perfectly flat on the nail and were easy-peasy to apply. Love!!! I want to make a glitter sandwich with the Dandruff and maybe yellow/orange right now!!
 The accent finger still lacked something Addamsy, so I went for a spider design. I used some crystal rhinestones for the head and body, and Essence Silver Nail Art Pen for the legs.
 And here are the polishes, like a tiny creepy family...
 Now let's see who others have picked as their role models. Oh, and their manicures, too :)

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  1. what a great choice of role model :) love the manicure too, the spider is so cool lol

    1. Thanks! My husband thought the spider was a sun, though :D

  2. Awesome effect from the Lacquistry colors!

  3. great mani and great reason for choosing her :)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Didn't have to fetch very far to figure out the reason ;)

  4. I also love Morticia ;) and this is such an awesome, creepy manicure!

    1. Thanks! I just had to come over my fear for spiders to make this.. :)