Saturday, March 10, 2012

Buffy Bronzed

Rather than a proper manicure this one turned out to be a study on how various bronze glitters look over dark colours.
The base here is Essence Vampire's Love 'Gold Old Buffy', two coats. (And a pre-cleanup pic..sorry!) I was about to whip up some tired jokes here about vampires, their slayers and bronzer, but let's forget that, because bronze was the colour I picked up to decorate this mani - mostly because of these bronze studs I wanted to use.
After adding the studs I decided to try on different glitters/flakies as follows:
Thumb: Essence Circus Circus My Sparkling Acrobat
Pinky: OPI Pros and Bronze
Middle finger: Nfu'Oh 39 (Looove!! <3)
Index finger: Sinful Colors All About You
You could propably guess that the Nfu'Oh is the one I liked most. You can see a crazy colour shift from green to deep red in it - even in this pic! I've never tried it on a dark black-ish colour before, and now I'm more than ready to try it on everything. I'm still sooo much into flakies..
There you have the polishes, and that's all, folks!


  1. pretty! i really love that sinful colors

  2. Thanks! It's a beauty with golden, bronze and even reddish glitter, but totally impossible to get opaque on it's own..

  3. I love the studs! Where did you find them?

  4. Love this! Where did you get the studs? I need me some of those!

    Please check out and follow my blog as well!

  5. Thanks, Violet and GtS!! I bought the studs on eBay, but can't remember the seller.. I believe bornprettystore has some studs, too. And I think they have some kind of a sale going on right now. Have fun shopping! :)