Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Nails!

Ok, I know that the Easter is not just about bunnies and birdies and chocolate,  (Don't get me wrong, my Easter is quite much about those three, especially chocolate...) but I couldn't resist the urge to do a super happy easter manicure.  Have a happy weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not!
On the left hand I used:
two coats of SpaRitual Moss on all the nails
two coats of Lumene Summer Rain on ring & pointer
two coats of Kleancolor Green Holo on the middle finger.
On the right hand I used:
Orly Spark all over
Attitude Lemon Sherbet on the ring & pointer
Kleancolor Holo Yellow on the middle finger
To decorate, I:
Painted the grass and the chick with Moss & Spark
Added eyes with Mavala Black and White, beak with China Glaze Papaya Punch and footprints with Mavala Black.
Finally, I added some fimo slices to the right hand.
A Coat of Seche Vite, and I was happy. Sometimes it's indeed the small things that matter...

Monday, March 25, 2013

N - Navigate Her

My N polish of the ABC Challenge – Essie Navigate Her – is one I considered buying a million times: from an airport in Sweden, from a supermarket in Finland, from a beauty supply in Spain... You name it. 
And for once I'm happy I didn't buy it when I had it right under my nose. In all of the above this polish would have set me back for something like 15 euros. But on my latest trip to the US this beauty was waiting for me on the shelf of one innocent beauty supply for $3,50. 3,50!!! Seriously!!! That's like 2,70 euros, which is more than 5 times cheaper than here in Europe.
Ok, this is a first world problem, but sometimes the world is so unfair!! (It feels less unfair when I think of my free university degree and health insurance, though...)
I started out this manicure with two coats of Essie Navigate Her. Then I added a gradient sponging with Essie Absolutely Shore & AS mixed with white.
Finally, I added some stamping with Barry M Gold Foil.
All other patterns are from DRK-A, except the lightning bolts in the ring finger from BM305.
I loved this manicure, because it combined soft hues and sponging with bold patterns. Yet the result was somehow classy. One of my bestest friends once claimed, that you can't go wrong with reds, you can get a fun and sexy mani with blues, but green just looks odd on nails. Well, it doesn't!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Follow Me with Bloglovin

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

I've been a little lazy to spread out with my blog to other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. But with the recent Goolge announcement regarding the end of the Google reader I've at least managed to list my blog at Bloglovin.

That's where I'm going to follow the blogs I love. Hope to see you there!

A random spam pic of my untrieds from the turn of the year. You'll see these and many more on Bloglovin!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

M - Mermaid's Tears

With this post I'm halfway through the ABC -challenge. Yay!!! I'm already planning for manicures I'll do when I'm "free"..
This dotticure is the result of one of those times, when you just happen to glimpse at two polishes side by side on your desk/rack/in a drawer, and suddenly see they have to be used together in a mani.
 Here the match made in heaven was OPI Mermaid's Tears & China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. To the prettiest greyed out jade of MT I just added an accent nail and some randomly placed, random sized dots, and that was it.
Yes, these are simple and yes, these got a lot of love - mostly from me :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

L - Lime up!

Forward with the ABC challenge! My L polish is Essence Lime up!
This is one of the Colour&go line polishes I didn't buy until the last minute before Essence renewed this line. But I'm glad I did - plus it was on sale. It's even brighter than in the pics, a gorgeous dirty lime green polish that really turned some heads when I wore it.
I picked up the courage to use China Glaze Whirled Away to spice up the mani. I've read nothing but negative (a kind word here, mind you) reviews about this, so I was prepared for the worst. The application was bad. I mean horrible. I brushed on one coat and then continued adding glitter with an orange stick from a blob I had made on cardboard.
To the pinky and middle fingers I added stamping from DRK-A with Konad black special polish. I think the stamping fitted this mani perfectly - Whirl-ed Away, hee hee, got it? I have to admit that I love the Whirled Away on a bright base so much, that I'm ready to give this polish another try sometimes. I'm especially fond of these large white hexes.
WA took one thick coat of Seche Vite and another of Essence Better than gel nails top coat to smooth down. But still, we'll meet again...