Friday, March 30, 2012

GG Challenge Day 8: Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!

I was overwhelmed with options with this challenge - there's so much fun in polishing my nails anyway, so what should I choose? Skittles? Animal print? Bright neons? Then I realized I could combine them all!!
I did this mani a while ago, but I've been saving it for this post. I used unnamed neon polishes from Primark, on a white base. I bought two sets and gave the other one away as a prize of my swatchcicle guessing game. I think these were two coats.
I freehanded a leopard print placing random dots of contrasting colour on each nail, and going around them with a black nail art pen.

As there were only four colours - I mean Where's The Purple!?! - I had to figure out something else for the fifth nail of each hand. So I used the brand new neon pink crackle polish, which I bought from Primark on the same visit.

 Maybe I could have added some glitter, but that excluded, this is as fun as my manicures will ever get.
So it's the last day of the Girly Girl challenge. I'd like to send a big thank you to all the girls who participated and especially to the person who came up with this challenge, created all the fun tasks, managed the link lists and whatnot: Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog!!!

Now let's see what fun the others have had:
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  1. Wow, so bright and colorful! I like how it turned out!
    I wonder why the Primark here never seems to have polish when I'm there.

    1. Thanks for commenting!! I found these polishes on the cashier desk. There's no time to choose, but I just grabbed two of each sets I could reach :)

  2. This is definitely fun :p I don't think I could pull this off but you do so well! Gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks! There were some people commenting "hey, you're not 14 anymore", though.. ;)