Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 3: Delicate Heart Garden

This is the third day of the Girly Girl challenge with the theme "Delicate and Elegant". Well, I have to admit that neither of those are my strong points in real life. I managed to whip up something near relevant by creating a shameless copy of the mani seen in Finnish nail blog Pastelliunelmia (Pastel Dreams). Show her some love for that!
The base here two coats of China Glaze Thistle. Went on smoothly, covered well, but didn't impress. That spells base polish to me..
Then I sponged on China Glaze Devotion and some Essence Multidimension Purple Diamond starting from the tips and started messing around. I painted on some hearts using a dotting tool with the pink from Essence Circus Circus Cotton Candy, and lined them with Sally Hansen black nail art pen.
I think I like the heart design! <3
And here are the polishes, CG Thistle on the left and Devotion on the right:
Oh, and please leave your answer to the poll on the sidebar, about your opinion on the small changes I made to the blog. I'll be glad to know what you think!!
Now let's see how others are doing with the challenge, shall we?!

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  1. Cute design! The colors make a really nice gradation. That essence polish is still in my stash of untrieds. :(

    1. Thanks! A gradient mani is a good way to get many polishes tried out at the same time :) Or how about doing a gradient skittle?! :D

  2. omgosh, I love this mani!!! great job!

  3. @oNN & SB, Thanks for commenting! The mani was by no means perfect, but it's amazing what you can do with taking photos from a certain angle... :)

  4. So creative and cute!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting! The dotting tool hearts were easy to do, too!

  6. @Kate and Polished Cousins: Thank you for the compliments! Creativity points here go to Lumi at the blog Pastelliunelmia, where I discovered this design :)

  7. This is so pretty! I love the gradient from purple to pearl :)

    1. Thanks! The colours worked surprisingly well together. You can't always know that just by looking at the bottles.. I just got lucky this time. :)