Monday, September 14, 2015

Free as a (Pink) Bird

Here's a happy manicure I did to honor the migratory birds, that are forming huge flocks, already preparing for their trip to south. They gather around their friends and family, feed as much as they can, and seem to plan their journey in an enthusiastic manner. How does that sound familiar to an academic seasonal worker? :D
In the middle and ring fingers, and on the thumbnail I'm wearing Wild and Mild Diamond - Queens
(as you might know, I'm a sucker to everything NYC-related. So I had to buy the whole New York themed collection from this brand, although I don't especially like the brand, the polishes are a nightmare to store plus the bottlecaps don't align...)
Pinky and index figers have two coats of Color Club Wild Orchid.
Stamping I made with with Kiko Mirror 618 and Essence dark grey stamping polish (a LE some time ago), both images from plate BPL-025
You will be seeing some Born Pretty stamping plates in the blog in the near future. And, hear this: all the products were purchased by me, with my own hard earnd money, from my own free will. Just so that you know. :)
A side note, though: I'm just a little bit bewildered by the discussion on bloggers selling their ethics and gravitating towards money and marketing. Maybe some bloggers do that, maybe some don't even if people think that -- and maybe there are many of us to whom this is not even an issue. I've never accepted any collaboration nor even products for review. I'm a bit confused with all the statements and disclosures and policies I possibly should be explicating, when the only thing I want to write about is the polish and stuff (bought by me) I play with and which brings me so much joy. So please bear with me and the occasionally missing commercial details - and feel free to ask if there's a question related to this bothering you!