Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Last Snowflakes

Today's mani has the last snowflakes of the season:
 I came across a Flormar shoppe inside a shopping centre in Madrid, and succumbed to a slight haul.. ahem.
For this mani - to get to try these as soon as I could, I decided to combine Flormar U34, which is burgundy glass flecks in a coffee- brown base - slight duochorme to red/gold and Flormar U33, which has blue/multichrome glass flecks in black base.
 (The names on these somehow sound like war submarines..) The duochrome is stronger in the 33, you get an array of colours from cobalt blue through green to purple.
To blend the colours together more, I sponged each tip with the other colour. The result was pretty awesome, especially with the blue sponged on the burgundy!
My husband suggested snowflakes on these. I know this is propably not the most original way to snowflakify your nails, but I was lazy and stamped on some from m59 with Gosh Silver. I also painted on some smaller snowflakes with a size 0 nail art brush, and added some dots, too.
The mani was still missing some glitter, so I grabbed China Glaze Snowglobe. I first tried to paint it directly on the nail, but it was too dense and the result had more likeness to snow storm than peacefully floating snowflakes. So for the rest of my nails I just dabbed on some Snowglobe here and there with a dotting tool.
It's a simple design, but I'm quite happy with it, mainly because of the base colours. This is also the last "winter" mani this winter season, so enjoy it while it lasts. And then, let's move forward to spring brights and pastels! Say bye for now to these polishes!


  1. Stunning design!

  2. Thanks! I just used whatever I had on my desk.. :)

  3. Beautiful polishes! I've never used any Flomar but they look really good.

    Haha, you're right about the names sounding like submarines though!

    1. :) Thanks for commenting! Some Flormar polishes are quite sheer, but they work really well in water marbling. I haven't tried these two on water yet, though..