Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TPC – Four Way Hearts

Just a quick post about my challenge mani I'm rocking right now.
 This manicure was (surprisingly) made with my May Tri Polish Challenge polishes: Nyx Girls Perfect Gray, Color Club Sexsea and Primark blue neon.
Stamping is from DRK-A plate, and the blue in the hearts was filled in with a toothpick.
It was my husband's idea to stamp the heart/stripes pattern in different directions. I was more than happy to comply - especially as he rarely gets involved with my hobby.
These turned out to be quite cool! Let's see, what the other have done today:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Q - Frozen Queen

The ABC challenge is still alive!
 I didn't own any polishes starting with the letter Q. I considered of buying one, but I didn't find anything at the stores that I really liked. Hello, polish companies!! How difficult would it be to make a gorgeous beige blingy polish and name it "Queen of the Desert"?
Anyways, I had a polish which at least has the letter Q in its name. Here you see three coats of Essence Colour&go Frozen Queen.
I added a coat of Wet 'n' wild Fergie collection New Years Kiss on all the other fingers, and gave the ring finger a dab of Lacquistry I Wear My Jewelry On My Nails with some random rhinestones.

This manicure is one of those that made me love my nubbins. This might have been a bit trashy on my usual talons, but on nubbins this leaned more on the sweet side. Do you feel there's a difference on designs for longer and shorter nails?

Friday, May 24, 2013

TPC 2 - Raindrops Keep Falling

This is my second mani for May's Tri Polish Challenge - with gray, red and blue polishes. The base here is Color Club Sexsea, and the clouds are painted with Nyx Girls Perfect Gray using a dotting tool.
The gray thingies were initially supposed to become eyes, but they ended up being clouds.. Not bad... And describes well my freehand skills...
I made the raindrops with Primark Blue neon using a dotting tool and a toothpick to bend the dots a bit. And added an accent nail (you know me..) by dotting.
When I was taking pics of these, it started raining... How appropriate! Let's see the the weather and the nails of the other participants, too!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TPC 1 - Funky French

What time is it? Tri Polish Challenge time!!!
My three polishes in May are Nyx Girls Perfect Gray, Color Club Sexsea and -a surprise choice- Primark neon blue polish. You know the deal: four manicures using these polishes, posted on the two last tuesdays and thursdays of May.
  My first manicure is a simple but funky french, done on two coats of Perfect Gray.
I recently squared my nails, so I can finally sport the funky french style, which looks odd on my normally long and pointed nails. Some of you might have loved those and think these are a little meh, and some of you might already be sick of my talonted style. I love to hear your views and to be able to express mine: I love my nails either way.
I didn't have any tip guides at hand (they are here.. somewhere...), so I just used some regular tape and painted the french tips first with Sexsea, and when that was completely dry, with the blue polish.
Let's see what others have been up to!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

P - Pink-A-Boo

The ABC Challenge is still going strong... Well, maybe not strong (it's been a while since my latest post), but going anyway.
 My P polish is a sweet one with a sweet name from Essie: Pink-A-Boo. A beautiful glass flecked baby pink polish, I knew I'd have to get from the moment I first saw it. How perfect would it be, if it just wasn't this sheer!! (and this pic is with underwear!!)
 This is a mani I wore to the Cosmobelleza beauty event under the gaze of hundreds of beauty enthusiasts – so it had to be perfect. And I was really quite happy with it.
My manicure is two coats of Essie Pink-A-Boo with underwear, which is two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Peachy Keen. I also did two accent fingers, left pinky and right pointer with two coats of Essie She's Picture Perfect.
Next I freehanded a camo using the polish brush and dotting tool for final touches, with NYX Girls Perfect Gray and Catrice Lucky in Lilac.
Left pinky was matified with BeYu Mat Top Coat, and I glued on a silver stud. Left pointer got some striping tape and a sponging of Milani Purple Gleam. Right pinky was coated with a generous dabbing of Yes Love D11, a 75 cent polish from a chinese bazaar. Right pointer got stamping with Gosh Silver and DRK-A -plate. And, at the end, all nails except the matified one got a good coat of Seche Vite.
And here are all the polishes. Phew!! I've never used this many tags in a single post before!