Monday, August 17, 2015

Top 10 Polishes TODAY --Well, Almost..

I have seen a few top ten polishes -posts around lately, and loved them all. The breaking point for me was the one made by the wonderful Sigi at ZigiZtyle. Blame her for this super-long post!

What I ended up doing, though, was not top 10. It's top 9 pairs of polish.

Why?!!? Why on earth nine pairs? Have a guess:
A) Because I simply couldn't narrow it down to 10.
B) Because I'm a freak like that.
C) Because this is my blog and I do whatever I want! Muahahahahaaa :D

(Hint: All of the above are correct)

Though I could have maybe chosen only ten: a hugely helpful thought was to pick the favourite polishes TODAY. Not during your lifetime. Not this season. Not in the future. Only today, just now. It's all that matters.
I'm urging you to try the same with your obsession (stamps, designer shoes... whatever tickles your fancy)!

But, when I picked the polish from my stash, they started forming pairs. "I want this or this from China Glaze" ... "Why not both?" So, pairs it was. And I just naturally picked nine, and didn't want to search for one more pair.

So here we go:
First up: China Glaze Red-y To Rave and UV Meant to Be.
I could have chosen the whole summer collection, but these two babies were the essentials. So unique, such versatile, much application, wow!

Second: Zoya Wednesday and Storm
I just recently bought Wednesday from another polish lover, and I cherish it! It's just so smooth and summery! The holo effect in the black beauty called Storm maybe does not need explanations..  I could watch it for hours (and sometimes do).

Delush Polish Love Me Lights Out and Polish Me Silly Pinky Swear You're a *
I had to show you the backside of Pinky Swear, because that's where all the glitters went to.. I wanted you to know, that it has stars, various hexes and all kinds of stuff – and it also turns white when temperatures change, so that the glitters really pop! What more can you ask. Lights out would be the chic older sister of this hot mess.

Lacquistry Silver Holo Shredded and Formula X for Sephora Maniacal – the two bestest glitter toppers in the world (today). I own several polishes from the Sephora matte glitter series, but it was not hard to pick my favourite. The shade is just so unique!

And just look at the holy holo in the Lacquistry one (sunlight pic)! Jenna seriously is the glitter queen!

Color Club Hot Like Lava and Foil Me Once
These are my go-to polishes in so many ways: stamping, lack of inspiration, toenail crisis.. you name it! We've been through a lot together (and it shows!)

A England Tristam and Saint George
The beautiful brand made by Adina was my first indie crush. She has published a lot of amazing polishes since, but these oldies are still the goldies for me!

Attitude Eastern Promise and Manhattan Lotus Effect 51K
Despite the second being nameless, just another number in the row, these babies are pure perfection. One buttery smooth coat, and your base is ready - with or without shimmer. I also have a soft spot for magenta cremes.. But you maybe guessed that already..

Nails inc. Baker Street and Essence Circus Circus Applause Applause Red Creme
Oh my, the perfect red and blue polishes were hard to find. But here they are.
I just hope I had bought two of those Essence ones. Or three. If I ever find a dupe for the red creme, I've surely learned my lesson: Buy three, and make sure it has a less annoying name.

And finally, the two odd guys:
Flormar Satin Matte GS11 Canary and OPI Conga-Line Coral
The first is the bestest yellow polish in my stash (and has beautiful shimmer), and the second one is my all-time long lasting polish love, from which everything started. No listing could be done without giving credit to her!

And a bonus for all of you who reached this far: an exclusive peek behind the scenes: My highly professional photo studio (ie. a styrofoam cooler box lid... which I suspend between my knees... while sitting on our doorstep... wearing a tracksuit...)!! Yes, I thought you would be impressed..

Friday, August 7, 2015

Coral Nails (Not Including Coral Polish)

The other night I asked the Hubby THE QUESTION!
(No, it's not 'Will you marry me'  It's: 'How should I paint my nails')
 And he answered: 'Paint corals!'
I have absolutely no idea, where that came from. We have never seen corals. We are not planning a diving holiday. We haven't even watched a documentary with corals on it.
But corals he said, and corals it was.
I painted a base with two coats of Zoya Wednesday, and sponged on a slight gradient using Wednesday, Sinful Colors Cinderella and a random white polish.
The stamping was made with Mundo de Unhas 13 which is a Reddish orange stamping polish, and DRK-A plate.
To top it all, I chose from my untrieds the Liquid Sky Lacquer Great White. You see one coat over Wednesday in the index finger - and some dabs on the other nails. Just watch the gorgeous shimmer!! The Great White fits in perfectly to the theme! ... This coral reef isn't safe anymore.... Watch out you little fish.... Duunn dun... dunnn dun...