Monday, November 26, 2012

A - All About You

Now I've extended my collection once more (see previous post), I'm finally ready to take this challenge.
It's known as the ABC-challenge, originally run and done by so many talented bloggers I'm not able to even name them all here. But the idea is simple: on the first day you post a polish with a name beginning with the letter A, on the second one that begins with the letter B, and so on. I think you got the idea..
My first polish, the A, is Sinful Colors All About You.  It's a mix of the finest gold and a bit bigger copper glitters in a clear base. It looks gorgeus on the bottle, and I think I've used it once until now. Shame on me....
The base here is one coat (!) of Essence Colour&go Nude it! This is definitely my new go-to nude polish! I'll run to buy a reserve bottle..
I taped my nails with some regular magic tape, and applied three coats of Sinful Colors All About You to all fingers except the ring fingers. That one got a coat of Barry M Croc Effect (which took me ages to master...). A coat of Seche Vite to all, and I was ready to go. And off I went - sorry about the tipwear...
I won't be posting daily, but I'll try to get to the end of the alphabet sometime in January. There will surely be some non-challenge posts I'll just have to publish, but otherwise you know what to expect.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Haul-y Days

Wondered where I've been? Hauling nail polish in the US, of course. This is just a quick post to show you what I got.
 See any favourites there? Some of the new Zoyas, Sinful Colors Cinderella, Milani Hot Pink glitter which I've been lemming for ages, Essie Navigate Her... And the most important discovery does not even show in this pic. Wait and see!
What I didn't get was the Color Club Halo Hues collection. But I'm not too sad. First, the trip was an aewsome experience and I got so many other things I hadn't even dreamt about. And second, I'm still allowed to shop the Halo Hues online (am I?).

Friday, November 16, 2012

No H8!

Lately I've seen a lot of posts against bullying in the nail blog world and a bunch of beautiful no hate manicures, and I had to add mine.
 Actually I really felt the urge to do this manicure and post it after reading Veronicas post at her blog "Gorgeois"
She shares her story of being bullied in a way that is very touching, extremely mature plus totally brave. I really admire her for that, and I relate to her post more than I would actually want to.
 Basically, her idea (and mine) is that you don't win hate by creating more hate. You can choose to act against bullying if you have the resources, you can choose to concentrate on the good things in your life, you can let people know they're making a mistake or acting thoughtlessly (as we all do from time to time), but fostering hate does not get you anywhere.
Alright, end of rant and onto the polish...
The base polishes I used for this "Love, no H8" manicure were Essence Show your feet Purple Magic and China Glaze Señorita Bonita.
On the pinky I stamped a partial image from BM209 with Gosh Silver. On the ring finger of my right hand there's the No H8 logo with the polishes mentioned in this post together with Mavala Black, and left hand has a flower sort of thingy. Middle finger boasts Lacquistry Lilacquistry.
And the pointer is coated with the lovely Nfu'Oh 50, plus a black heart stud. I felt the heart stud was really appropriate - to exclamate love in all its richness and variety of forms, to leave behind any hate cycles that could entagle us all.

Friday, November 9, 2012

No Buy!!!!

You heard me. I'm on a no buy!! (Not on nail polish, if that was your first thought..)
The whole lot in Oct 2012
I will be moving (again) from a country to another in May(ish). I've lived there before and have most of my things waiting for me there. Which is a blessing, but also causes some problems.
One look at my bathroom was enough to tell me something has to change. I've been a hoarder as long as I can remember, but/and imagining all the cosmetics I've got here, stuffed in the same bathroom with all the things I've got there made my brains melt.
Just look at all the hair products I found..
Hair treatments
 And this is excluding sample pouches... And do I have lots of them...
Hair styling products
 These pics are all from the end of October 2012.
Face masks
As I do love me some organizing, I organized all the products in groups, counted them, made an excel spreadheet and took the pics you can see here.
Eye treatments
My goal is to use up all or nearly all of the various beauty products I've got here, to have a fresh start with the stash I've already got waiting in the other country AND obviously not have to pack and transport too many bottles, jars, tins, cans and so on.
Body treatments (the second from left is argan oil, in case you were wondering..)
Obviously I won't be getting rid of everything. I'll never be able to use up that great big bottle of sunscreen in my life, and I'm most propably throwing it away 'cause it'll go stale.
Other body products
Also I need some products regularly - like the eye makeup remover I always use (that's why there are three tubes of it). So I'll never run out of some produts, and might get to buy some more in certain product groups. 
Face cleansers
 But basically, I would be happy if all the products I'll move would fit into a one normal cosmetics bag. And we're quite far from it now...
Face creams
 The idea here is a bit similar as in this Finnish cosmetics blog - thanks, Virve, for being my inspiration!
Body wash products
I'll exclude all make up and nail things, concentrating only on the hair/body/face treatment type of products. Maybe, just maybe after this project it's the make up's turn...
At the end of each month I'll write a post about the finished products so far, and maybe write a small review of some product if there's one that I really liked/disliked. And in April I'll post some kind of a picture spam again to share the results of this project.
Feet products
Don't be afraid, this blog will not evolve into a cosmetics blog. This is just a project I needed to start, and thought, "Mmm, maybe I'm not the only person in the world with these "problems". (Which you usually aren't - as there are over 7 billion of us..)
Hand products
Feel free to join in the project, if you feel like it! Just drop me a note at, and maybe we could be doing the next post together... Let the fight against clutter begin!!