Friday, March 16, 2012

GG Challenge Day 4: Runway Splatter

Today in the Girly Girl challenge we were encouraged to get inspiration from the runway. As much as I love shopping for clothes and playing with my outfits, I don't follow fashion at_all. So I had to google. (I was sooo relieved when I read that's what some others did with today's challenge, too...)
I looked through an array of pics, and this one from Ladylux was an instant hit. I was debating  between the middle pic (imagine various greys and a dotting tool) and the one on the right, and the latter won.
The base I used to achieve that silver brocade look was a sandwich of Primark no name silver Base coat, Essence Nail Art topper Mystic Mermaid and OPI DS Original.
Not much of a holo effect, but wait and see... On the ring finger I added a coat of Lacquistry Silver Holo Shredded, which is like shards of a tiny cd on a clear base. (looove!)
On the other fingers I did my first ever splatter "design" (I mean, I had no control on the splatters whatsoever. Do you still call that a design?) with Catrice Lucky in Lilac, Astor Pop Color 141 (I do hate polishes without names!!) and Essence Show Your Feet Caribbean Sea. All three were from my untrieds - yay!
 Here's a few pre-cleanup pics..
I think the left thumb turned out quite nicely. I somehow liked the mani more before cleanup - maybe becayse the splatters are more clearly splatters when you see the whole splatter. (Try yourself putting "splatter" three times in a phrase..)
That's the final mani once again and here are the polishes:

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  1. Awesome! I love splatter nails, they're so fun! But also messy :P

  2. Love the splatter! I know they're messy, but they turn out beautiful and fun.

  3. Love the inspiration and great job on the splatter mani. I've never done one of those but it looks fun. You chose beautiful colours.

    1. Thanks! I just had to get more colours away from my untrieds, so I picked all those from there. That's why I ended up using different colour combo than in the inspiration pic. But I was inspired by that, anyway. :)

  4. Your splatter looks great! Didn't know Caribbean See was this opaque... mine seems so sheer ^^;

    1. Thanks! Yes, it actually is quite opaque like the other Show Your Feet polishes. They're supposed to be one coaters, not runny and antibacterial, as they are specially designed for painting toenails. I made a swatchsicle of Caribbean Sea, and used two coats, though. But on shorter nails and blah blah you could get away with one coat.

  5. hey! i love your blog so much I just gave you an award. See my post here...

    1. Thanks! How Sweet!! I'll post it here right away! <3

  6. @PP & Ashley: Thank you for commenting! (this always makes my day, cause I read the comments first thing in the morning) It was quite messy, indeed. I ended up having polish in my hair and up to my face, as well as on my desk and the caps of the polish bottles... But cleanup wasn't that bad, so I'm looking forward to the next time. :)