Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Must Have It Haute

When browsing through my big black bag of untrieds I saw quite a few glitter polishes there. And of course I picked up the one with the most dazzle and bling: China Glaze Some Like it Haute. I prepped my nails with two coats of Essence Multidimension Must-Have, a dark grey with slight just visible shimmer, and brushed two coats of China Glaze SLiH on the top.

Some Like it Haute in not perhaps at its most dazzling in this previous pic, but take a look at the blurry bottle pic next:
 Pure awesomesauce in the sunlight!!

I wanted to add something which would not cover up the bling. Luckily I found in my stash a sister polish to SLiH: Sally Hansen Gem crush Lady Luck. I sponged it on the ring finger and to the tips of the other nails.
I can't help adding more pics.. If the SLiH was a topcoat eater, this combo was a devouring monster. I stopped counting after two coats of regular topcoat and one of Seche Vite.
That green light in the next pic is not an UFO, it's just a glitter particle gone insane.. And, believe me, the constant glittering kept me distracted the whole two days I wore this mani.
And here are the bottles. Aren't they just like a tiny happy family? Only the baby in the middle will grow it's glitters later...
If you liked this, rest assured, there's going to be more glitter in the next few posts...


  1. Wow! This is beautiful, makes me wish I would have picked up Some like it Haute when I had the chance. :,

  2. It's a real glitterbomb in the sunlight! I hadn't planned to pick this up, but when I saw the collection in the store I ended up walking out only with this one and Love Marilyn. Love at first sight...