Thursday, January 12, 2012

Green Thumb (and Pointer and Pinky and...)

This post contains the "morning after" -pics from the removal of my spot-on green and pink leopard mani. If you're into horror movies or stories, just read along...
These are my nails after removing the polish. I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Grass Slipper and I Pink I Can. As you can see, every other nail - the ones that were painted green - is still yellow-green in colour. There are even some green patches on the other nails, where the green polish was sponged. I don't know if they looked more disgusting or terrifying..
My first thought was just "Oh my, I need more nail polish remover". After that I tried almost everything including whitening toothpaste, but in the end I just had to grab a file. And mind you, a gentle top-layer-only filing wouldn't do, but I had to file off the gel almost until my natural nails. Filing is never my favourite sport, but this time it was awful - the filing dust was green, the file was green, the whole place was covered with the yellow-green stuff..
 How is this possible!? Has anyone else experienced this before, or is it just the combination of this specific bottle and my nails? I feel they should put a warning label on these bottles, if this is what happens often!  After some serious filing I finally got rid of the colour, but I had to gel and cure affected nails again. :(
As said before, I've got gel nails, so this might not be what you natural ladies go through. Especially as only the gel was stained, not my cuticles or the natural nail nearest the cuticle. But in any case, think twice before applying Grass Slipper on any artificial nails! Beware of the Bad Grass!!

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