Sunday, January 22, 2012

Minaj My Way

As you "might" know, OPI recently released the Nicki Minaj collection. Well, I wasn't too inspired by the colours, but after reading about the collection a gazillion times I just had to find out who this girl is. So I went to Youtube, typed "Super Bass" into the search field and BOOM BADOOM was instantly inspired to do some nail art.
This mani is dedicated to the neon pink/white one-piece she is wearing in the beginning of the video. The outfit (and the girl inside it) is so outrageously cool that I spent a few moments gathering my jaw from the floor. Watch the vid here if you don't believe me! (And yes, it's tawdry just like me...)
My pick for the neon pink polish was, as so often, Sinful Colors Cream Pink. If you're looking for great value, look no further: for under 2 dollars (depends on where you buy, OFC) you get a true neon pink polish that applies smoothly and is even good for stamping.
I used three coats of Wild and Crazy Montana and painted the ring fingers with one coat of CP after that. Stamping was made with BM 215, CP and Konad special white.
Sadly, I didn't have anythig neon yellow to put on my nails (as seen in the accessories of miss Minaj's outfit), so I had to resort to some neon green stars. The only positive thing about the colour in these pics is, that the green stars look like they were yellow! Otherwise, these pics don't show the real bright neon shine this mani has. If anyone has tips for photographing neon nails, please share!
But why all these pics?? Because I LOOOOOVE this mani, that's why! I would have wanted to paint my nails -or anyone's nails- again today, but I didn't want to take this off. Where have all my nail buddies gone? All my little bottles are now in perfect order just waiting for you...

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