Monday, January 30, 2012

Polish Therapy

From the beginning of the year I've had so much going on, that I felt I had to get something else to think than my actual life. Or, rather, something that does not involve much thinking.. I love organizing things (I'm just not good at keeping things organized, but there's a difference), and what's better than combining organizing with nail polish? Nothing!
The original idea is from who-knows-where, but for me it came from Nailspotting via Lacky Nails. Thank you so much for the idea, girls! This was the best form of therapy I've tried out so far! Learning from their experiences, I used coffee stirrer sticks ordered from Amazon, nail wheels from eBay, white water-soluble glue and a permanent cd-marker.
The goal was to get all my polishes painted on false nails (which I cut apart from a nail wheel), glue them on a wooden coffee stirrer stick with the name of the polish on, organize those "swatchsicles" by colour and - hey presto - to be able to see, say, all my teal polishes at a glance when planning a buy or a mani, or to find dupes!
As opposed to just painting the polishes on nail wheels, the sticks are easy to move around for comparisons, have the name of the polish written directly on them and make a great tabletop deco in a jar! Or a cool centerpiece for a dinner with all of your polish pals.. (Or not.. tastes may differ...) And, you can always re-organize them or add, say, one more baby pink glitter among the others without having to start a new wheel. AND you can easily count them! How is that so important, then? Well, just wait for my next post tomorrow...!! I've got a surprise for you...


  1. it's so pretty to look at! I think the first thing I'm going to do when I'm finished is some ombre manicures, I always find it difficult to pick out the perfect shades from just the bottle.
    I think Solveig from Nailin It started this:

  2. I've found some great and unexpected matching colours already, without even looking for them! These are so fun to compare, mix and match! Thanks for the link to Solveig's blog!

  3. Looks awesome! And you're right, it's great as therapy :)

  4. @nailspotting, organizing your polish bottles in neat little rows makes you realize you can solve some real life problems, too, one at a time, slowly but steadily...