Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pastel Crackle Skittle

Lately I spotted some Essence Blossoms etc. limited edition polishes on clearance.  I bought some to a nail friend and to avoid envy, bought some for myself, too. Logical, isn't it?
I couldn't decide which one of them to wear first, so I chose them all!
The blossoms polishes I used are:
(left hand from pinky to pointer)
Forget-me-not (blue)
My Yellow Fellow
I Like (green) (what's that name supposed to mean, by the way?)
Bloom-a-loom (lilac)
For the thumb I added Sally Hansen Complete Salon I Pink I Can, because the pink was missing from the collection.
All of them were three coats. I almost could have gotten away with two, but.. you know...
 The crackles I used were mostly from Depend:
(left hand from pinky to pointer)
5009 (pink)
5006 (lilac)
5008 (baby pink)
5011 (green)
And for the thumb, Isa Dora Blue Burner.
 This was a fun and colourful, but at the same time soft and girly mani. I loved it while it lasted :)
 You might have noticed I'm not posting as often as last winter. This summer I'm consantly on the move between two/three towns, so there are enough things to keep me distracted from my routines...  But I'm still posting, painting my nails and loving it!! That's enough for me, hope that's good for you, too!


  1. It's nice to see some unique crackle shades, and they look so adorable skittled!

    1. Thanks!! I got the crackles on sale, and I was able to ONLY pick like a half of the shades available. Depend really did a good job with these!