Monday, June 4, 2012

Yellow and Blue

Another cutesy-daisy -mani for you, this time in yellow and blue.
Accent finger was painted with four coats of Essence Urban Messages Wall of Fame, the others with Essence 50's girls You're a Heartbreaker. The dots and the bow were painted (or rather, dotted) with a dotting tool.
 Both took three coats for perfection, but application was easy with both of these. And the layers dried fast.
 I wore this when we moved house last time (a month ago - I'm a bit behind here..), so some tipwear is included in the pics. Hope you don't mind, but like the colour combo as much as I did! And see the shimmer in both of the polishes?


  1. Seriously adorable--I love the colours you picked! :D

  2. Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth! Bit of an odd combo, but it worked suprisely well..