Monday, May 21, 2012


Once more a few polishes out from the untrieds. Room for some new polishes...
The one I really wanted to use was Catrice Iron Mermaiden (dupe for OPI Not Like The Movies). Sadly it was too sheer on its own - I merely saw a grey-ish veil on my nail with the first coat. It was clear it had to be layered over something dark.
On the left there is one coat of IM on black, on the right a coat on its own. Pretty sheer, but maybe meant for layering.
As the underwear I picked OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight (form my untrieds as well.. this I bought in November..ahem..). I don't have a shot of it on its own, but it was a pretty dark plum shade - and you can see it on the accent nail, although covered with a little something..
For the accent finger I tried layering flakies polishes: On the LPaM there's one coat of Nfu'Oh 51, Nfu'Oh 39 and lastly Nfu'Oh 50.
I loved the flakie madness!! It doesn't compensate my longing for Finger Paints Asylym or Twisted, but it's still multicoloured - at least a bit. Here are all the polishes:
Though, pretty, the manicure was too dark for the emerging summer season. I needed some bright colours on my talons, so this one had to go soon. Prepare for a colourful manicure post soon!


  1. This is so incredibly gorgeous!!! :D

    1. Thanks for commenting!! It was simple and stylish, and yet involved some polisihing only another nail addict can appreciate.. :)