Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kiko Haul and Gradient

I wandered to a Kiko store the other day, and there were about a million nail polish shades in sale. You can propably guess the rest..
 This is my favourite, from the new duochrome line (not on sale, though..). They had a Peridot dupe one, too, but I chose this baby, which is much more blue. Pretty!!!
I intended to paint the base of my mani with Kiko 298, a light blue glass fleck polish. It turned out to be way too sheer so I removed it and went for more opaque underwear: a coat of Orly Toast the Couple. Even after it I needed three coats of Kiko 298.
 On the blue base I made a gradient - my first using a moist sponge technique - with Kiko 298 (blue)
268 (green) and 269 (yellow). Have I told you I hate polishes with no names? Well, I do!!!! And why on earth I just bought a dozen of them???!??
And yes, there is green there in between the other two colours!
To add some nail art, I cut out hearts of a sticker paper, painted a sort of ruffian on with Essence Urban Messages Skyscraper. Removed the stickers, and voilá!
This mani needed just a coat of Seche Vite to even things out. And here are the polishes:
You wouldn't believe they were all used for this mani. So pretty, but oh so sheer...


  1. Pretty! I hauled too... badly. :(
    But Kiko polishes actually have names. They are not written on the bottles, but you can find them on their website ^^;

    1. Oh! I didn't know about the names. Thanks so much for letting me know!!! I'm just wondering, what's the point in not printing the names on the bottles... Kiko, please...