Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interlocking Glitter Skittle

Again a manicure for getting to play with my swatchsicles and getting some polishes out from my untrieds.
The base is two/three coats of Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. I was a little disappointed with the glitter effect on the nail - or the lack of it. It is much more visible in these pics than IRL, even if you place your nails right under your nose.

I went on to paint interlocking diagonals with (from pinky to thumb, left hand):
Orly Vip
Essence Circus Circus Cotton Candy glitter
Nicole by OPI My Sleigh's in the Shop
Milani Purple Gleam and
China Glaze Skyscraper.
And this is the right thumb:
Milani Silver Dazzle
As always, the greatest fun was organizing my swatchsicles, choosing the colours and just fooling around.
There you can see the ones I chose and also the ones that didn't make it.
The two Milanis were the worst topcoat eaters, propably because they are so dense that the glitter pieces sit on the top of each other. Well, there's nothing that three coats (!) of Seche Vite couldn't handle..
 Generally I loved the most the Nicole by OPI and Milani Silver Dazzle. I'd say it's because they have the clearest contrast with the base. Which brings to me an idea of interlocking mani with contrasting colours.. hmm...
Funny how these glitter polishes remind me of those glitter glues we used to buy before christmas to decorate christmas cards, and which were totally equally useless every time..
I had marvelled at these interlocking manis before in some blogs, and making my own was really quite easy. I used scotch tape to line out a diagonal section for the glitter, and then a dotting tool to make the "interlocking" lines of dots.

By the way... I love saying glitter skittle.. :) Try it!


  1. Really cool idea! Turned out beautifully.

  2. This looks so awesome but so difficult! I did just get a dotting tool though so maybe I should try it :)

    1. It wasn't difficult AT_ALL! You just paint a diagonal tip (it doesn't have to be straight or perfect in any way) and just dot the dots of the opposite colour on each side of the divide. Do the other colour first, and then you'll see where to place the other dots. You can do it!! :)

  3. GP and Sarah, thank you so much for commenting! I wore this for days (and that's a long time..)