Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

For quite some time I was completely lost with this challenge, to be inspired by a flag. How to pick a single flag out of those hundreds out there? To choose the most beautiful one? To think of a country that needs support? To choose a country I love the most would at least have been impossible - I've seen enough of them to know that every single one of them has its pros and cons.

Finally, the push came from thinking flags together with Christmas, and seeing this Christmas lights manicure at Rin's nail files. I know it's been done before and after her, but hers was the one I saw first. What was the most colourful decoration of our Christmas trees before someone came to think of coloured lights? Well, the world flags on a ribbon, of course!! (Didn't know that? Well, now you do!)
Athough most of the Christmas lights manis I've seen are on a nude base, I felt I needed a painted yet subtle base, so I chose Color Club Boho Mojo. It's a dirty brownish grey frost, but was surprisingly pretty on the nail. (Sorry about this pic beforehand, I seriously need infills done before Christmas)
I wish I had a green glitter or shimmer to do the tips with, but I didn't. So I decided to resort to Color Club Nouveau Vintage, which has some greenness in it.
 After painting the v-tips, I topped the base off with a coat of Wild and Crazy Twinkle Beat.
I actually liked the base a lot, and wore it on its own for a day or two. For the actual flags I took out my brand new acrylic paints. They were bought from a Chinese store for about three euros, so I didn't have very high hopes for their performance, but I ended out having nothing bad to say about them.
Intead of choosing carefully which flags to paint, I just painted along the flags that came into my mind. I'm quite happy with the result, as I did not paint the flags on my right hand. Working with the acrylics was super easy compared to polish, and I'll definitely be using my little tubes a lot more! 
At the end I noticed, I had painted only countries I've visited, and only European countries. (Well, there's Turkey which is only partly on our side, but still..) That's today's curious psychology for you!

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