Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Today's mani was inspired by a song, and the song is Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square by the Mnhattan Transfer. You can check it out in YouTube.
It still touches me... Just don't take any make up ideas from this vid, unless it's Halloween..
 Base is two coats of China Glaze Midtown Magic. I thought the base was brown, when I looked at the bottle, but it was burgundy on the nail. Amazing shade! If I'd known that, this baby would have made its way out of my untrieds a lot earlier..
Midtown Magic was actually where I got the idea on the first place. Seeing the name I instantly jumped to humming the line "... there was magic abroad in the air..." of the song. And that's how I came up with Berkeley Square song and that's how I came to think of an Indian restaurant near the square in London, where we went with my husband to enjoy our most overwhelming food experience ever. The restaurant, called Benares, had a Michelin star at the time, and I think it has closed down for a few years ago. So it really was a one-time experience.
To honour that place and our night there the nails were to have some Indian style deco. So I added stamping with Gosh Silver and BM 212, plus a few tear-shaped rhinestones. I think these resemble the pictures you see at the walls of cheap-but-excellent indian restaurants, with traditional designs with silver and glass stones on a black velvet base.
I can't see why I don't have a pic of more than three fingers. The stamping wasn't bad at all as far as I remember - thanks to my trusted silver stamping polish Gosh Silver. I'll just try to remember to include more fingers next time!

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