Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 24: Inspired by a Book Cover

Today's challenge was supposed to be inspired by a book. As a profoundly superficial person, I chose to be inspired by a book cover instead. I had my latest bagbook (I always carry a piece of easy reading with me) just lying around when thinking of this challenge, and the inspiration hit me instantly.
I started with two coats of Revlon Frankly Scarlet (love the name!), which is one of my long time favourite reds. I think I got it from my mother as a present, even before I really got into nails and blogging. So thanks a lot, mum, and yes, you will be held responsible.
 Just take a look at that subtle golden shimmer!
Progressing with the mani from light tones to darker ones, I sponged on some OPI from A to Z-urich near the cuticles and China Glaze Short and Sassy to still a bit smaller area. Finally, I sponged in some "stripes"with China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions and Nicole by OPI Black Cat-cha Later.
For sponging in this mani I used a piece cut out of a regular kitchen sponge. Not very high-tech, but it worked perfectly! I've also got some sponge tip make up applicators in my nail art stuff, but I prefer the kitchen sponge for this look and coarser sponging.
My hands looked really creepy after the sponging, it would have made a great Halloween mani. My culticles were blood coloured all over and the surface of the nail was gritty like there really was blood all over them. Eugh! Needless to say the cleanup was a mess..
Here are all the polishes I used, and the book:
The book was good in its genre, by the way. I've quite recently found Nesbø, read a few of his books and still like his style. If you're after a page turner in crime novels and read your Larssons, go for Nesbø.

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