Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 6: Violets are White

Today's design is shamelessly copied from the ever-awesome Emily's Nail Files. See Emily's perfect design here!! And if you like her blog, go vote her in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards - link in Emily's blog.
Now onto my take on the subject..
Planning my violet nails started with finding out what does "violet" actually mean. It seems that it's generally meant to be a blue-toned purple, withwavelength of 380-450nm and frequency of 800-715THz. See more here. Thus there are a lot of different violets out there, but a true violet is not just any purple and it's cousin, noo-o.

I chose my violet to be OPI Planks a Lot from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. And I had to add an accent nail of OPI Mermaid's Tears from the same collection and my recent haul.
Planks a Lot took three layers to be opaque, and there still was some lighter patches. I wonder, was it because I only have the mini and the brush is not so perfect in them? Mermaid's Tears was almost opaque with one coat. I loved everything about it, the formula, brush, colour, everything. I'll have to wear it as a whole mani some day..

I dabbed some NfuOh 50 to the tips. For the stamping I used Konad Special polish in pearl white and m57. I tidied some of the flowers up with Essence Nail art pen in silver white. For the vines&leaves I tried to use the same OPI polishes as for the base colours, but Planks a Lot was too thin for it. So I picked up a purple Konad Princess special polish.
When I compared my version with Emily's, I felt that my own needed some more glitter. (I also felt like a complete freehand noob with two left hands.) So I slabbed on some Essence Nail art twins Edward, which is a clear base with holo microglitter, medium blue and green round glitter and large green glitter rectangles.
 And finally, here are all the polishes I used. I absolutely love the Nfu'Oh bottle with the corset cap!

By the way, I changed my template and added a Wishlist&swaps tab. Any thoughts? Please vote in the poll in the sidebar!


  1. thanks so much for using me as your inspiration! i love seeing my designes recreated, and you did such a great job - i really like the touch of an accent nail!

    keep it up lovey!


  2. Thanks for commenting!! I was so much afraid that you'd think I just raped your design... :)