Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 5: Blue Moon

This is my blue mani. Some step-by-step pics and random blabbing follows.
I just recently swithced to doing my own gel nails instead of going into a salon, partly to save money and partly for the challenge in it. So here are my nails as naked as they come, with their brand new gel covering made by ME! I think this is the third time I did the whole set myself, and boy I've still got a lot to learn! But I'm not too worried to get them absolutely perfect right now. I tried to file them back into the almond shape that I feel at home in, but didn't completely succeed. I think next time I'll try to leave on more length and file the tips still a bit sharper... I'll have to be careful then not to hurt anyone with them, though.. :)
I started the mani with two coats of Essence Nightline, which is part of their new Urban Messages LE. I read that the polish I had in mind, China Glaze Blue Iguana, is quite sheer, so I decided to give it a good deep-blue base. The pic is pre-cleanup, because I knew I would be adding more polish. Look at the cool teal-y shimmer!
And yes, Blue Iguana looked stunning on this base! And I needed only one coat. I gave the accent fingers one additional coat of China Glaze Skyscraper to make them stand out from the crowd.
Still for the accent nails, I dotted on some glitter from Essence Nail Art Twins Julia and added silvery crescents. Here's an off-focus image to give you an idea of the glitter & glimmer.
One coat of SV (two to the accent nails) and ready to go! Here are the polishes I used.
By the way, have you noticed the similarities between the Essence Urban Messages collection and the China Glaze Metro collection? Have a look at the font in the Downtown set and the Essence bottle. Definitely on the same trend! And the fun part is, both collections have a polish called Skyscraper! Just a coincidence?? The China Glaze one is a blue jelly with silver glitter, while the Essence one is a dusty white-gray creme with blue shimmer. I'll have to get these two polishes to meet on my nails some day!

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