Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4: Two, Green, Cha-cha-cha..

(Those of you who've ever danced Cha cha will wonder about the title less than those who haven't.)

For today's green nails I decided to give one of my new China Glaze polishes a go. Cha Cha Cha seemed to cover well with two coats. Only in the macro pics I notice that I could have been more careful with the tips. Well, who really, REALLY cares?
I decided to add some stickers I've intended to use a million times, but always wanted to save them for later. Seriously, SAVING nail art stickers, instead of using them?!? (Yes, I annoy myself, too, with my saving mania - and nothing can annoy me half as much as I do myself)
I felt the stickers didn't stand out enough, so I added a few rhinestones (bought from Born Pretty Store I think) and attached them with topcoat as I always do. The upper pic is my right hand, by the way, and the lower my left hand you're used to seeing.
Here's all the stuff I used. Oh my, what  a waste of nail art stickers this mani was!! I spent almost one sixth of the sticker sheet!! :D :D
I made a haul from the Nail etc webshop recently and gave a loving home to the China Glaze Island Escape collection and the Metro Downtown set, and a few OPI's (I Lily Love You, Mermaid's Tears, Love is a Racket and Pros and Bronze). If there's a specific polish you'd like to see me using, just leave a comment!
I also got my very first bottle of Seche Vite and I'm in looove. It dries faster and shinier than my any other topcoats, and it did wonders with the stickers. The surface after two coats of SV was so smooth even I couldn't see the outline of the stickers anymore (without the camera macro, of course).

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