Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 10: Teenage Gradient

I was itching to try out the two OPI DS polishes I bought, and chose the silver holo DS Coronation.  Either it wasn't sunny enough outside, or it would have needed some more layers, or I should have layered it on the top of another polish, but for me the colour was just a "meh" experience. Thus no pics of Coronation on its own.
But then I decided to sponge on some OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede and paint a layer of OPI Teenage Dream on the top of it all. Et voilà! There's a fun, glittery gradient mani pour vous!
This is almost an all-OPI mani, and it made me remember why I love OPI polishes so much: ultimate control with the brush, opacity in two layers or less, dreamlike formula and application, plus funtionally beautiful bottles. I have to admit I like anything that's pink and glittery, but I fell in love with Teenage Dream. (Until the time for removal...) Just look at the holo glitters in the bottle! I'll have to use it again soon!
And here are the polishes. Topcoat was Orly Sec'n Dry (I believe Teenage Dream needed two coats of it), boosted with some LCN Quick Dry Oil. The bottles go together oh-so-well!

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