Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 19: Galaxy Nails

This was a challenge I was really looking forward to. Sponging is by far my favourite technique, and from all the galaxy nail tutos I've seen, I knew I'd be using it.
I got my inspiration from Through the Wormhole's Intergalactic nails and I also owe a great deal to the Galaxy Nails video tutorial by the lovely Hayley from Here Comes the Sun. Do as I did and go to show them some blog love!
That said, I didn't follow any specific instructions from the begining to the end. I started out with dark black-blue base, Essence Urban Messages Nightline, which I've used before in my Blue Moon mani. I just have to show it to you again, because this time I caught it in a few pics with flash, and boy do I love the blue shimmer in it!
Then I just kept sponging on different colours, mainly Orly Space Cadet and Halley's Comet. I some phase I went over the whole nail with a glitter polish. In the end I added dots and small crosses as the stars, using a nail art brush and Gosh Silver.
I did a some kind of a nebula on my ring fingers, on both sides. I sponged some white in a spiral shape, and then went over it with a pearlescent polish. I went along the outlines of the spiral with Halley's comet and added some red shimmer, and that was it.
And here are the polishes: Orly Pearl Wisdom, Halley's Comet and Space Cadet (Well I had to include THOSE?!), Wild and Crazy Montana and Super Star, Gosh Silver, China Glaze Ahoy, Essence Urban Messages Skyline and Essence Glitter Topcoat. That's it!


  1. I love this! It turned out great :)

  2. Thanks for commenting! I liked it too, and it was fun to make - thanks to you, Hayley! :)