Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 13: Hello Leopard

You've probably heard this one before, but I've never been much into Hello Kitty stuff, but... I was out shopping one day and came across trolley bags with the same design as the backpacks here. 
They were just too cute - it's a shame I don't need a new trolley... But I instantly saw the pattern as a manicure, perfec for today's Animal Print challenge.
I started the mani with two to three coats of Wild and Crazy Montana, and then freehanded a curving french with OPI Sparrow me the Drama. Here's a "nice" pre-cleanup post-cuticle oil pic..
 I was out shopping another day, too, (*blushes*) and found some fauxnad stamping sets - including stamper, scraper and one plate - from a local chinese store for 75 cents (that's about a dollar to you US readers). I had to grab at least one, and I went for the m71 with Hello Kitty. I stamped it on my ring fingers with Konad special black polish, and used a dotting tool and SmtD for the bow, and some yellow acrylic paint for the nose.
For the other nails I dabbed random dots with the same pink polish and lined them leopard style with Essence black Nail Art Pen (which has never quite collaborated with me and which had to pass on to the nail art pen heaven after this mani). I'll have to get some Orly Instant Artist liners soon..
 Did I just imagine, or did really I get some odd looks at work with this mani? I wonder... :D


  1. Adorable...and I love the HK accent nail!

  2. Thanks! This was a fun mani! Some HK on your nails is an instant cheer-up!