Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 17: Sweet as Candy Shop

The day 17 glitter challenge mani is, quite unintentionally, my version of the Deborah Lippmann's Candy shop.
hen I saw the Essence "nail art special effects topper" (why the long face name?) Circus Confetti on the store shelf, my first thought was "Glitter Sandwich!" and the second was "Franken!" I had thought I'd use some of the Texas collection jellies for sandwiching, but somehow I went for the candy floss pink.
This is two coats of Essence Colour&go Sweet as Candy, and then some alternating coats of Circus Confetti and SaC. At some point I brushed on a coat of Essence Colour&go Space Queen, too.
The alternating coats were quite many, because I couldn't decide which one of the two polishes to leave on the top. Finally I ended up doing the last whole layer with Confetti and dabbing just a bit SaC irregularly over it. And I really like the result!
And here are the polishes I used. Almost an all-Essence mani!
I was enchanted by the Circus Confetti. It had an easy formula and loads of colourful glitter - definitely great value. What do you think?

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  1. Very pretty nails.
    Glitter is L♥VE.

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