Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flowery French

This is a mani I did for my mother, so don't expect anything too fancy.
She had her base coat on, which is Mavala 2-phase nail strengthener.
I Konaded a white flower design from m2 with white special polish and then painted on a coat of Nubar Electric Touch. It's a baby pink polish with a very prominent UV-blue flash.

I like how the polish added on top of the stamping kinda softens the edges of the pattern. Dreamy! My mum agreed to have some glitters added. Woo-hoo! I really don't know how to call the glitter pieces, actually. Glitter flakes? Glitter shapes? I feel that writing just "added some glitter" would point to glitter polish with a coat of -well- glitter. Could I write "added A glitter"? Oh well, you know what I mean anyways.

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