Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drag Marble Study

I was testing out polishes for drag marbles the other day. Drag marbling is my favourite instant oomph for a mani, really versatile and fast to create. Base colour here is the Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl in all of the nails, and I went through most of my cheap yet pigmented polishes rack on the top of it.
Basically you dab three dots of one colour with the nail polish brush on the side of your nail, and add two dots in between them with another colour. Then just get swirling with a dotting tool, toohtpick, bobby pin, or whatever you've got. Besides the colour combination, the important thing are the consistency and amount of the polish. Too thin polish or too much of it, and you end up with a swirly mess like the yellow and green attempt on my middle finger. Too dry dots and you're left scraping the base off, like with the orange and red on my index finger.

I almost ran out of nails before I found my favourite combination, here on my left thumb. The colours are Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Essence Colour&go Fabuless. 

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