Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 2: Mat About The Orange

My orange polish is Lumene Groovy, which turned out to be a semi-matte finish. I'd hoped to see some vinyl shine, but in vain. Application was a little tricky, the polish required thin and fast layers, but I managed better than I thought. This is three layers.
I had absolutely no idea how to go on with the base. The answer came from one of my favourite blogs, Canadian Nail Fanatic. I added one coat of NfuOh 49 and some Wild and Crazy Twinkle Beat, quite religiously following the footprints of Mrsrexy, apart from the matifying in between.
After a layer of BeYu Mat Topcoat (Mat?!? Why Mat and not matte?? Arg, now I'm mat!) I felt it still needed something and didn't have the patience to wait for the next time, so I added some black hearts (from and matified them too.
I liked the nails a lot until the matifying. The BeYu did matify the nails, but it left behind a dusty white shade, a faded version of everything that was on the nails before. Shiny topcoat didn't erase this effect. Mrsrexy is using Essie Matte About You, and that's what goes to the top of my shopping list.
Lastly, here are all the polsihes I used and some organic tomatoes from a local farmer. If you haven't tasted an organic tomato, you haven't tasted a tomato. Isn't the NfuOh gorgeous in the bottle?!! I could layer it on the top of everything!! (Well, maybe not the tomatoes...)

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