Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 1: Red Nails in Zurich

Here we go! It's the first day of the 31 day challenge with red nails.  This is a mani I had when visiting Switzerland a while ago. I own a couple of polishes from the OPI Swiss collection, and as I was going to Zurich, I simply had to wear the signature polish.
This is two coats of OPI From A to Z-urich, and on the accent finers a coat of Sinful Colors All About You. These pics are actually taken (after several days of wear) on the Gartensitzplatz (also known as Gartenplitspläts) of my good old friend L in Zurich. I find something amusing in capturing the polish in it's hometown. I'll spend a fortune into airline tickets if I buy the OPI Touring America collection...
Look how perfectly it matches my ring! I'll have to try a similar combo again with still deeper blood red base to reach the depth of the garnet gemstone in the ring.

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