Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fans for Life

This is Make Up Store Vera. Lovely peach shimmer with a pink flash, but oh so very sheer on the nail. This is five(!) layers, which took their time, but were all in all quite quick drying.

 In this slightly darker pic you can see the lovely pink flash which is so prominent in the bottle. This polish would have been sooo unique if only it wasn't so, well, faded on the nail.

"If there's something strange on your nails, who ya gonna call?"No, not Ghostbusters, but your stamping plates.

This stamping to make my day is made with OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede and BM 215. The pattern reminds me of hand-held fans - thus the title of this post. I also added some triangular or fan-shaped glittery pieces from Viva la Nails (won from a giveaway) and of course a topcoat. Just in case you are wondering, in my hand I have a jar of chili powder - I now there's just HILI visible in the pic.

For once I happened to take a pic where my cuticles don't look like they're from a horror movie. Could I call this "progress"? The glitter pieces look like they don't last long, but they did, believe it or not, and with topcoat only. Nice!

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