Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aqua cue

The colour scheme that inspired me was once again from Abby of Lovely in Lacquer. See the post and her great blog here! I think it's one great idea to use colour cues from interior design, art or whatever as the source for manicure ideas. Abby even picks the suitable polishes for us and encourages to share ideas how to use them. I didn't use any of the polishes she thought of, mainly because I didn't have so many of them :) I think I was able to add up to her polish list the missing dark teal (Rimmel Sky High) and dark gold (OPI bling dynasty). I just wish I'd been able to create the wonderful brushed effect the colours in the cue pic had, but I just ran out of ideas. Could have freehanded something with a brush I guess..

This is two coats of Rimmel 60 Seconds Sky High with 2-3 coats of NfuOh 39. I almost chose Cnia Glaze For Audrey as the base, but the slight grey hue in it made me choose Sky High. I wanted the brightest base possible for this Nfu baby. See how it shines!

Stamping is made with Konad white special polish and fauxnad m66. You can see in the close-ups how my Konad white is screaming for thinner. The dots are China Glaze Ahoy!, OPI Bling Dynasty and We'll Always Have Paris Suede. All topped off with NfuOh Ultra Shine topcoat, which is a joy to use with stamping. It's not as shiny, though, as I like my topcoats. Maybe I'll try some other topcoat on the top of it next time.

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