Saturday, July 23, 2011

Skull - no crossbones

This is a mani I did for my good old friend T, who on the previous day said she wanted "a red polish" on her nails. I invited her to browse through my stash and see if there was a red for her. (Somehow I find this funny - crooked sense of humour?)

First I painted two coats of Essie Escapades (Not 100% sure about the name, see my haul post here). On the top of it went two coats of T's primary choice Sinful Colors Red Diamond. I thought it would be too sheer by itself to cover her nail line, which it propably would have been. I love many Sinful Colours polishes in the bottle and in layering, but many of them are too sheer on their own. Maybe I'm just spoiled with OPI opaqueness, which I've been enjoying lately.

Red Diamond is a really nice glass flecked strawberry red. I think this first pic is the most colour accurate - click it to see the shimmer. The skull was stamped from BM211 with Konad black special polish.

T has strong, long natural nails I adore. The slightly square shape suits her perfectly. Hope I'll get to do her nails soon again (yes, this is an invitation).

I feel the glitter pieces I added really give the skull some character. WHUH?! he says to the horsey - a knight from an old chess set.