Saturday, August 6, 2011


This mani was made to match my husband's favourite electric guitar, the Fender Bonnie Raitt Signature Strat in Sunburst. This was actually his idea - how sweet is that!

I prepped all nails (except the accent nail of course) first by painting them with Sinful Colors Cloud 9. Then I sponged two darker orange polishes (Sinful Colors Courtney Orange & Serena and Cloe) near the cuticle by the help of a sponge mapke up applicator. The most challenging part was to get the black sponged neatly as near the cuticles as possible. I can tell you there was some cleanup required in my right hand. The black I used is Essence Colour&go Fabuless, which has a slight silvery shimmer and even some multicoloured microglitter in the bottle. I've never used it on the whole nail, so I can't tell if the glitter really shows. I sponged the oranges and the black alternately a few times to get the gradient as smooth as possible.

 To brighten all this up I sponged some Make Up Store Vera onto the tips and alongside the line of the base colour and the darker oranges. Having had enough of sponging, lastly, I painted a black line nearest the cuticle to even out the sponged black edge and give a neat look. I feel it really helped (and some acetone, too). For the line I used Essence I Love Berlin Berlin Story, which is a black liner.

Then to the accent nail, I painted a milky white base with one coat of Carlo di Roma 05 (God I hate polishes without names!) and then added a few coats of Essence glitter topcoat (See previous comment!). The accent nail is supposed to imitate the white shell pickguard on the actual guitar.

The symbol in it stands for F as in Fender, even though it doesn't look very much like it. I painted the black base with the Essence liner, topcoated it, and then using a thin brush filled the center with Essence Nail Art Twins Romeo. Before painting the virgin white surface with my black liner, I made a few test drawings with a water soluble marker, which i could easily wipe away. I left the last sketch on the nail when I painted - super easy!

Phew! Two coats of Orly Glosser and one of LCN Quick Dry Oil and I was done. I spent almost the whole  day with this mani, but of course I got to do things in between, like shopping for groceries, preparing the dinner, having a dance class, reading etc. But still, I feel a bit wasted. Does that ever happen to you?

Finally, here are all the polishes I used.
 From the upper row-ish, l-r: Essence I Love Berlin Berlin Story, Essence Nail Art Twins Romeo, Essence Glitter topcoat, Carlo di Roma 05, Essence Colour&go Fabuless;
 and the lower row-ish: Sinful Colors Courtney Orange, Cloud 9, Make Up Store Vera, Sinful Colors  Serena and Cloe.

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