Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gargantuan Haul

I just "happened" to travel to Estonia (the trip was planned for two months ago) and "happened" to pop in a salon where they sell NfuOh polishes (had to drive a quarter of an hour with a map to get there). This trip was a good excuse to get my hands to some other polishes too..

 These are Essies, which were on sale at 5 euros each. I just grabbed them and stopped to look at their names at home. But what the heck?! Some bottles didn't have a label at all, just a big, ugly barcode tag in the bottom. Could these be from a set which was then separated in the shop? Are they allowed to do that? At least it was reeelly annoying trying to look up the possible names and collections for these polishes.

I think what I've got here is some polishes from the summer 2008 collection. At least the one on the left could be Movers & Shakers, and I'm pretty sure that third one from the left is Escapades. If I look at this particular collection, the second one from the left could just be Secret Stash.

On some bottles I was able to either find the original label underneath the barcode or read the name of the polish on the reverse side of the barcode tag. So the grey-blue shimmer far right is Fair Game from the 2011 Resort Collection. The second from the right is Burma Ruby which as far as I can tell is not a part of any specific collection (earlier dupe of Wrapped in Rubies?) and the third on from the right is Café Forgot from the 2005 Summer in the City collection.

I felt I bought the whole Opal range from NfuOh, but this doesn't look so bad. I left the red ones on the shelf, because I didn't really see the depth of other polishes in them, or the yumminess of Ruby Pumps. I also feel that a vivid pink or fuchsia flakie is missingfrom the line.

 I just had to take some close-ups. These are numbers 38 and 39, from left to right. (Names! Why don't they have names?)

 And here are the 49, 44, 50 and 51.

These are Wild and Crazy Twinkle Beat, Super Star and Sand Turtle. Somehow they seem quite alike  in this pic, but you should see them in action!

I had to pay the regular price for these babies, but they are worth it: OPI Teenage Dream, DS Classic and DS Coronation

 Some cheapo Sinful Colors from a sale (left to right): Treasure Island, All About You, Red Diamond, Serena and Chloe, Courtney Orange, Cloud 9, 24/7, Cream Pink, Summer Peach,

I don't really get why I wanted to take a pic of these neons by themselves. Maybe I just want to get another chance to assure you how striking neons they really are, even if it doesn't show in the photo.

Depend crackles were on sale at 1,50 euros each, but I decided only to get the pastels this time. These don't have any names on the bottles, but I remember seeing some on the display - very obvious ones like "Light Pink" or "Dark Pink".

The Konad stall was having it's own sale, though the reduced range was very limited. At least I got to buy the legendary m59 and two green stamping polishes.

I had thought to catch only the Stranger Tides from OPI's Pirates collection, but couldn't resist this minis collection with the price that's near one full-sized bottle. If I fall in love with Stranger Tides after trying it out I can still buy it and have tested four colours (almost) for the price of two.

These I classified as "care products", so they're really not nail polishes, so I don't have to count them in my grand total, right? Right. This is NfuOh Ultra Shine topcoat which is my very first topper I can use with stamping without any care or caution. It simply didn't smear the black Konad special polish, not even when I played with fire (not literally) and really brushed the top coat on. The Manhattan Cuticle remover has proved to be nothing special in a one-time test.

I'll never have time to swatch them all, so if there's something that interests you, just leave a comment and I'll be your loyal servant. 

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