Saturday, June 16, 2012

Matte Metal

Guess which band has ruled my internal and external playlists (i.e. both in my head and in my music devices) for a month or so...
First a frantic replay of their black album to ensure that I know all the lyrics by heart. Then the unbelieveable concert experience. And lastly the songs spinning in my head ever since. I've never had this bad musical fixation before!
These nails were just a quick second take of my concert nails. Maybe they're not the greatest nail art there is, but they were fun to wear! (And yes, that is my thigh in the stockings I wore that night. Sorry about that, but it was just too easy photo background...)
The base is two coats of Essence Vampire's love Hunt me If You Can. I matted the base with Essence Soft Touch topcoat and added the infamous 'M' and 'A' with a (bad) nail art pen. A few silver studs attached with the said matte top coat, and I was ready to rock!
Oh, and if you didn't guess, the band is the metal giant and pioneer Metallica. This was absolutely the best show I myself or my friends have ever seen from them. I was glad to see the whole band in their senses, at their best and enjoying themselves. I doubt anyone of them reads this blog, but just in case I'd like to say: thank you! And thank you to all my wonderful followers who read this, whether you play in a band or not.. :) You rule!!