Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fruity Butterflies

Early this summer I was switching country once again, and was about to miss the Essence fruity trend edition. Why was that collection so important? See for yourself:
 Fine glitter sandwiches in a bottle! I was devastated and ran to my cosmetics store every week before I moved away to ask if the collection had arrived - but it never hadn't. :( And the ladies in the store were getting super annoyed...

But help was near. I suggested a swap to lovely Renée from You Nailed it, having found some older essence polishes from her wishlist. Here's one more reason to love blogging and the nail polish community:
 All the Fruity polishes (minus the scented topcoat which I didn't want), a bonus polish (a pale blue, starry beauty) and a nail polish ring!! Squeee! That one is so pretty!! I'll have to ask, what polishes Renée used.. Go and see her blog here, she is awesome!! You can also buy these handmade rings in her blog shop and choose any of her over 300 polishes for your ring! Maybe some of your favourite glitters? Or a water marble...?
I made a manicure using all the glittered polishes in this LE. - I had to get my hands on them (or them on my hands). Their names were not written on the bottles, which is odd. But they are: Very Berry (index), One Kiwi a Day (middle and pinky) and Mashed Berries (ring finger).
I stamped on the butterfly image from DRK-A -plate with Konad white special polish. I was about to add something more, maybe some dots on the butterflies, but time just flew... Well, these are not bad as they are, either.
That is enough of pastels for a while. Now I need some COLOUR!! Where did I put all my neon polishes again...


  1. One Kiwi a Day is on my "serious want" list--it's just so pretty! And it looks so sweet with the butterfly stamp too. How awesome you guys could work out such a great swap!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth!! The polish IS awesome, and it applied well, too. Hope you get it! :)