Saturday, June 23, 2012

Starring: Zoya Faye

This is a definite in-between mani. You know those days, when you want to do your nails but you have something special coming up in a few days where you have your manicure planned? The days when you know the manicure you create will live for maximum 24 hours? When you're afraid you'll like the mani too much and it'll ruin your outfit planned ahead if you don't remove it? You don't?!? Well, Ive got some to share...
This mani is based on four coats of Zoya Faye. Yeah, four coats... Imagine me just wanting to throw together something quick, and having to paint four coats to achieve any cover-up at all. Luckily the awesome golden shimmer was more than worth it all!
To decorate, I added some sponging with faye mixed with an age old Rimmel dark plum polish. Finally I slapped on some stickers (maybe originally a present?). And that was it, for the next 24 hours.
 Just see the shimmer in this next pic!
Cleanup after the sponging was a breeze. Might be because of my new favourite nail polish remover with ingredients listing looking like this: Dimethyl Ketone, Aqua, Glycerin, Tocophery Acetate, Parfum, Cl 19140. That's some good stuff, made in Turkey!
I've read somewhere, that Zoya Faye is one of those polishes any serious nail addict must own. I agree. It's definitely unique. Next time I'll use it for layering, though...

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