Monday, June 25, 2012

Rockabilly Half Moons

THIS is the manicure I had planned well ahead, and which was fatal to the previous Zoya Faye one. See my a-friend-having-a-formal-dinner-party -mani. Pics are from the day after, so sorry about the tipwear..
 I believe I've done something quite similar in the past, but we don't mind. This was just perfect with my vintage 50's canary yellow tulle evening gown and red lips. I had a great time, partly because of all the charming people I met, and partly because I got to wear my A-lined fake fur coat - or maybe it was just the right combination of the two. The party was very formal but had a warm atmosphere, which was a perfect combo, too.
This red is my favourite red "Revlon Red" by -surprise surprise- Revlon. The base colour on the ring finger is Color Club Almond Nude. I think it was too pink for this design, but an easy and opaque polish otherwise. Let's not throw that to the sale basket yet...
The half moon design was made using reinforcement stickers, leopard dots with Art de Lautrec 15 (a random old polish) and the black outlines with Sally Hansen Nail art pen. The result could have been better, but it could've been worse, too. Next time I'll try to get better pics, at least...

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