Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Green Glitter and Purple Pattern

 I've received some nail mail: the DRK-A plate!! And the new Bundle Monster set is waiting for me in my mailbox. The negative side is that I'm currently a few hundred kilometres away from that particular mailbox... Why do I so often feel I'm in the wrong town? I honestly can't recommend dividing your life between three on more towns. :(
Anyhow, in the DRK plate there are so many designs to choose from, that I almost didn't get to using it at all. It was so hard to decide!!! I won't rest until I've used all of the patterns. I love them so much!
I wanted to use some polishes from my recent small haul from Estonia. (pic above)  I was especially keen to get my hands on those Manhattan polishes which scream to be used together. But today I ended up with something else..
The base colours here are Wild and Mild (ex. Wild and crazy) Sleeping Beauty (sheer as anything!!) and SpaRitual Moss. Stamping was made using Konad light purple special polish.
I had to get some glitter in, too, so I painted glitter tips Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe and added some random dots with it to the stamping. Just take a look at the holo in the BtM!!! Holy Holo!!!
 That was it and here are the polishes:
Konad Light Purple special Polish
SpaRitual Moss
Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe
Wind & Mild Sleeping Beauty

(Now I've been a good little blogger and given you all the specs. I've deserved some wine & chocolate & a good documentary film with the hubby.)


  1. Hi Eugenia!

    I was just wondering if you caught that you're a giveaway winner? :)

    I did email you but wanted to try here since it has been a few days...

    1. Hi Holly!!! Thanks for the message! I didn't notice I'd won until last night, and I haven't got your email - wonder why... I mailed you, though, to givemecoffee-address. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!!!