Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green without Envy

This is a mani featured in Liquid Jelly's Friday Food and Nails by Liz. You can check out all the entries here. She's asked everyone to send their pics of, well logically, food and nails. What a great idea, combining two of my passions, food and beauty! I decided to send a pic of a green butterfly mani I made, with some home grown green beans from our backyard.

The base is Essence I'm a Berliner, on which I konaded a flowery pattern from BM224 and the butterflies from m20 with white and various green Konad special polishes. Why on earth do I own three of them? I'm not even a big fan of green on me and don't own a singe green garment!

Finally, I added some green micropearls. If someone's found a good way to apply them, let me know! I just picked them up with the soft of my fingertip and gently pushed them onto the nail. It went quite well, just not for the occasional, partial fingerprint in my topcoat...


  1. this is so pretty! I've been wanting to play with pearls, you have inspired me :)

  2. Love the greenness of this mani, I'm drooling :) Plus I love green beans, lol1

  3. Thanks!! Your comments really made my day! :)
    @Lacky: Hope you have the opportunity to grow your own! Just don't plant 20 bushes as we did - I feel I've eaten the year's worth of beans in the last month or so... :)
    @MM: Just make sure that the topcoat is abundant and really, REALLY dry before attempting to do anything with your hands. If you can get the micropearls to stay on for the first 8 hours, they will stay as long as you like them to.